Pond 7 photo Low resThis morning we are sitting on the deck of a friend’s cabin near Peterborough, NH, drinking dark roasted coffee and overlooking the pond. We awoke to the sounds of bullfrogs and birds singing, a melody rather different than the urban sounds we normally experience.

About a hundred miles Northwest of Boston, this is an oasis of tranquility and peace. The pond, surrounded by wild blueberries and ancient pines, is too small for motorboats, so the tranquility is absolute. But it’s perfect for swimming, canoeing, or merely sitting on the deck and gazing out over the tranquil water. Because the weather in New England is so changeable, the pond has many personalities. Yesterday when we arrived it was pouring rain, and the pond took on a brooding demeanor. Today dawned bright and the pond looks more cheerful already.

Pond 4 photo

I love coming up here, and my friend has been gracious enough to invite me a couple of times per summer. The cabin, probably built in the 40’s or 50’s, is rustic and low key. This is not a place where you have to worry about breaking a precious antique or tracking in a little dirt. So everyone is relaxed and happy.

I am blessed.

Thanks for reading and we will resume my adventures in DF early next week.