_MG_8929 my setup low res

John Calypso of the Viva Veracruz Blog has challenged his various blogger friends to post pictures of their “workstations.” So a number of fellow bloggers have posted pictures of their setups. So far, most of these setups involve desktop machines, with various cords, cables, and peripherals. While I too own such a setup, it sees very little use these days, usually only when I need a color-accurate monitor.

The rest of the time, my blogging (and everything else) is done from my Toshiba laptop, whose formal name is “Portege R835-P56X,” which is positively Hispanic in its elaborate complexity. But I call him “Tosh” or “Slaptop” for short, depending on my mood. And Tosh has generally been good to me, starting up fast, operating speedily, and providing ample space for my nearly twenty six thousand photos, six thousand music files, and seventeen thousand other documents. Tosh is also a good traveler, weighing in at a svelte 3.2 pounds, with a thirteen inch screen, which fits onto an airline tray table about as well as anything. He can run nearly eight hours on a charge, and thus has been my constant companion around the world.

Really, Tosh is nearly ideal in every respect except for one. When it comes to color reproduction, his otherwise congenial manner turns to outright capriciousness. Specifically, colors are entirely different depending on the angle of his screen. So if I move a bit, colors change. This is not good for anyone hoping to edit photographs on screen, hence my need for the desktop setup too. Actually, there is also one other niggling complaint. (Sorry, Tosh.) He has a touch pad which occasionally does weird things, the favorite of which seems to be deleting my comments on people’s blogs before I can hit “post.” Fortunately, there’s a small switch to turn off the touchpad, and I prefer to use a mouse anyway.

But I can forgive these minor flaws, as Tosh lets me work anywhere, and these days that’s mostly at my dining room table. (Pictured above, displaying John Calypso’s laundry setup.) Tosh wakes up in the morning when I do, and he lets me read the news hands-free while drinking coffee, and later eating cereal. During the day, he helps me manage my affairs, and at night he brings me the wonderful world of blogging.

So Tosh, thanks for all you do and may you live a long and healthy life.