Bibliophile Alebrije Snapped Near El Barrio Chino

Bibliophile Alebrije Snapped Near El Barrio Chino

Today, Tuesday the 26th, I leave for DF for a week. It will be an escape from the cold, a chance for some fun with a good friend, and hopefully will also yield some adventure.

My friend “L,” lives in Geneva, works as a marketing consultant, and she will be in DF toward the end of the week. “L” is a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing her. She has roots here in Boston, where I am also quite close to her mother. We all last hung out together in Truro on Cape Cod in August, where we spent a week together with L’s aunt and uncle, and another mutual friend.  L grew up partly here and partly in Rome, where her father lives, so she is very international.

L’s work has taken her to DF once or twice before, and she has been begging me to show her around for some time. (I will be there again for work from Friday 29th to December 2nd. Come! Come!) Her job assignments have kept her mostly in Polanco, which means she hasn’t seen much of the city, save for a short trip to Coyoacán. But the rest of the city is terra incognita. Given that there’s so much to see and that we’ll only have about 3 days total together, it’ll be tough to decide amongst the plethora of choices. But we’ll definitely go see the Zócalo and surrounding area. I think we’ll also probably try to see Roma and the Zona Rosa. L also mentioned being interested in the National Archeology Museum, which I’d certainly enjoy revisiting. And of course there’s the Ballet Folklorico, the Turibus, loads of museums, more restaurants than we could sample in a lifetime, and the “scene” in various spots around town, Plaza Garibaldi being perhaps one of the best examples.

I would also like to see F, my erstwhile/estranged BF/partner/lover. As those of you who’ve read my first post or my “about” page know, F and I broke up in June after seven and a half years together as a long-distance couple. We’ve spoken once since, a somewhat awkward conversation that I later realized was probably full of misunderstandings. I sent him a note last night saying that I’d be there soon, and wanted to see him. Moments ago, he responded, that yes, we could get together.

Now I wonder what will happen. Like many things in life, the breakup was perhaps foreseeable, even if the timing was sudden and unexpected. Since we ended up breaking up over the phone, I’ve wanted to revisit our issues and see if they really were irreconcilable. I’m not holding my breath. My main issue is that I’ve had to make most of the effort in the relationship. So far that continues, but I’m trying to keep an open mind.

But I’ve also learned that predicting what might happen in Mexico is far trickier than it it is elsewhere. Things there just take unexpected turns more often than you’d imagine possible.

I am eager to go to DF, as I love the city. But it also may be tinged with a hint of sadness.  L and I will have adventures, good food, and share laughter. But what will happen with F? I’m on tenterhooks, and a little ambivalent.

Bid me buena suerte, and hopefully I’ll have a post or two from the road.