Seen in Shop Window, Aguascalientes, AGSDuring our Charming Mexican Mountain Town Tour this spring, F and I spied this item in a shop window in central Aguascalientes, AGS. As you can see, it caught my eye, and I HAD to have a photo. Not only did I find the blouse amusing, but it seemed like such an incongruous place to find it too. Neither the street nor store were particularly nice or stylish. In fact, most of the stores nearby were catering to more of a heavy-metal, headbanger crowd. The store itself was tiny, and this was the featured item. At that point, my blog didn’t exist, and I thought about e-mailing the picture to one of my Mexico blogger friends. But I never got around to it, and in this case procrastination paid off. Now I can post it on my own blog, and write some silly text to go with it.

Call me a nutcase, but I thought it would be amusing to write a fashion-catalog description.

What the chic blog reader is wearing this season, homage to her favorite blog, this smart ensemble shows an up-to-date attitude that’s mindful of the latest trends. Crafted of light cotton knit, the T combines a vivacious sparkle with the comfort of a relaxed cut, and an elegant neckline. Paired with a smart set of 100% stretch-cotton, drawstring hotpants, this little ensemble practically begs for a set of black sandals, and a tiny vermilion, spaghetti-strap cross-body handbag to set off the sequined heart.

This outfit is sure to draw the attention of high-style technorati everywhere, as it shows her style and confidence. She’s not intimidated by the modern world of technology and social media, and lives her life on the global stage.

Only available in selected boutiques. Not for use north of the Río Bravo after Labor Day.