Wordcloud BloggingI think I can say with some confidence that most of you probably don’t have enough blogs to read. I know I don’t. Despite having a fairly lengthly list of blogs I follow on the sidebar, it clearly isn’t enough. And truth be told, sometimes there are “dry spells,” when no one’s posting, and indeed you wish there were a few more to chose from.

All kidding aside, today I’m going to add a few titles to my blogroll, and I think they deserve your attention. I know I enjoy them, so today I’m going to suggest that you all take a look and see if you agree.

First up on the list is tinismo blogger, written by Tino, whom some of you may have come to know via his wonderful comments here and on some of the other Mexico Expat blogs. Tino hails from Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, and writes about his life, loves, and family there. Tino, a native-born Mexican, works as an English-Spanish translator, and blogs in both languages. Some entries are in Spanish, and some are in English, and some are in both. But he’s also installed the Google Translate function on his blog, which is accessible via a pull-down menu at the top, so you can select whichever language you want and it will be machine-translated. One of my favorite entries in his blog is entitled The English Language, My Job, My Passion, My Sustenance, (in Spanish) where he describes his excitement at learning English as a boy, and how he’d seek out Gringos to practice with. His English is excellent, and reading his Spanish posts has been good practice for me. If you want to gain more insight into life in Mexico as lived by Mexicans, read Tino’s blog.

The Lady of The Cakes is written by Simone, a German woman who now lives in Toledo, Spain and writes about expat life, travel, and learning new languages. She’s also a terrific photographer, and has a wicked sense of humor. Her readers generally do too, so the banter in the comment section is well worth the price of admission alone. Simone is also a freelance writer covering the food industry, and impressively, she does all of that work in English. Right now she’s in Key West, soaking up good food, and posting some fantastic photos. I’m green with envy!

Finally we have Travels of a Retired Teacher, written by Bill, who taught Spanish in the Cleveland (or nearby) schools, and is now retired and currently roaming around Mexico. Bill’s command of Spanish, plus his extensive travels in Mexico, and background as a teacher means that his blog combines a nice blend of travel anecdotes with some solid history of various parts of Mexico. He also wrote a very nice post about some of the points of cultural interest in Cleveland. Currently, he’s posting from DF. Oh, and Bill’s no slouch in the photography department, either.

So take a look at these blogs, and I’m sure they’d enjoy a comment if you feel like leaving one. Saludos!