Map - Boston to Laredo by AirI’m back! After a lengthly absence from blogging, I’m back to post and I’m back on the road. I’m in Laredo, Texas, where I arrived at 4:24 PM Thursday. Mission: return to Tehuacán to spend some quality time with Edgar, and hopefully to see a few other friends along the way. Tomorrow I depart early for Monterrey, where I’ll spend the weekend with Tino. Sadly, Rodolfo has gone to Veracruz to see his mother. Hopefully I can catch up with both on the return. Monday I’ll head south, probably spending Monday night in or near San Miguel de Allende. Unfortunately a friend there who I had hoped to see is tied up with other commitments, so we can’t meet up. Dang! We had a similar problem on my way back to Laredo in May.

I know I’ve been distant these few weeks. I hope you’re all not too annoyed. After I left San Luis Potosí, I went to Monterrey where Tino, Rodolfo, and I took a hike through some of the many hills in Monterrey, and then had Chinese food á la Mexique for dinner. The next day I headed to the border early. Despite driving like a maniac, and a plethora of cops, I received no tickets and was ready to cross the border around 12:30 PM. When I went to the craftily-hidden customs office underneath the international bridge, I asked if I could simply keep my importation permit to use on my return trip, rather than re-do all the bureaucracy. Surprisingly they said yes. Knowing that Mexican bureaucracy can be capricious, I decided to independently ask a second official the same question, and the answer was the same. So I turned in my visa and headed across the border. After an EXTREMELY cursory check, I was admitted back into the USA with nary a problem. So what was my response? I immediately texted Tino. “Amigo, you are one very, very, very suspicious guy. With you, I had a huge hassle getting out of the country. Without you? They let me right in.” Fortunately he took this as intended and we both got a good laugh out of it.

The next day I flew to Boston. And after having driven the 7,500-odd miles of my journey, let me tell you, the return flight was awesome. As I dozed in my seat, someone else flew the plane and we covered hundreds of miles per hour. No revisiones, no confusing road signs, and best of all, NO TOPES.  I took a quick subway ride home from the airport and by 7:00 PM on Saturday night, I was back home, petting my cat, having a drink with an old friend, and admiring the change that Spring had wrought in my garden. Everything looked incredibly lush and green, and tons of flowers were blooming. Quite a change from the four inches of snow that I left behind on March 18th. I also had a new Canon 70D digital camera waiting for me. Without going into a lot of detail, the new camera is amazing. It’s fast as lightning, and takes much better pictures than the old one. I think I’m going to have to do a whole lot less tweaking post-production than I did with my 30D. And it took largely flawless shots at my friends’ wedding.

Initially it was great to be back in Boston. My Mexican Adventure was one of the more amazing things I’ve ever done, but after ten weeks on the road, it began to wear on me. The last week especially, I really just wanted to get back home. But after about a week and a half at home, a sort of “post-partum depression” set in, and I began to feel a bit glum. Sure, the weather in Boston was now amazing, and it was great to see my old friends again, but after an initial burst of socializing I was back to my old routine: getting up and working every day in front of the computer. I longed to be back in the land of margaritas and mariachis.

I especially longed to be back with Edgar. The last two weeks in Tehuacán with him were a dream, and it seems we’ve only grown closer over the ensuing five weeks. We skype at least once a day, and send sappy text messages several times a day. I can practically text “Te quiero mucho” in my sleep. I can hardly wait to see him, and I can’t believe that it will finally happen on Tuesday or so.

How long will I be in Mexico? This time I don’t really have to be back for any hard deadlines. Yes, I have to get the car out of the country by September 23rd, but I could just turn right around and come back. And my Massachusetts vehicle inspection sticker is set to expire on 8/31, but that’s a minor matter. I could either return home in the dark of night. (Sounds dramatic, no?) Or I could simply spend the night in a neighboring state and get the car inspected right over the border. Neither seems problematic. The odds of getting a ticket seem slim.

So I’m off on another open-ended adventure. Sure, most of it will be spent in Tehuacán. But we’re going to try to take a few weekend trips. Moreover, it’ll be something of an emotional adventure as I see where this new love takes me. And I’ll try to post a little more regularly now. Sorry for my absence. Thanks for reading, and Saludos!

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