Dateline: A random street in Tehuacán, Puebla

Who needs comedy writers? Life often provides plenty of comedy on its own, especially when foreign languages come into the mix.

While Asia is famous for strange, often hysterical, English-like slogans on T-shirts, sweatshirts, menus and more, Mexico, it would seem, is determined not to be left behind. As in Asia, in Mexico a smattering of English can often add an elegant, worldly touch to the normally mundane. Or sometimes not, if you actually understand English.

Oftentimes, the results are hilarious. I snapped the photo below while walking down the street in Tehuacán. I wonder if his girlfriend knows what his T-shirt means? Hopefully she has already enlisted him for wash day. Or maybe he’s just a random laundry mercenary, with no real loyalties. Who knows? I didn’t dare ask. All that washing seems to have left him with a pretty well-developed upper body. And you can never count on a stranger to share your sense of humor. Especially if he’s wearing it.

Mommy Dearest’s Mexican Love Child

In the early days of my Mexican Adventures, circa 2005, there was a brand of casual fashion clothing for young men called “Milk Fashion.” That one was pretty funny too. I used to have a photo of the entire logo, but the below will have to do.

Milky doesn’t describe too many Mexican complexions

And the only thing funnier than bad use of English by Mexicans? Why, it’s terrible translations of English into “Spanish” by Gringos, of course. It’s for different purposes, but the results are often hilarious. But that may have to await another post.

Finally, the photo below isn’t exactly a misuse of English, but I found it amusing nonetheless. Found in a hotel shower in Mexico City. And no. I’m not going to write about shampoo bottles. I’ll leave such humor to Steve Cotton.

Dial “H” for Hot

Have you seen any funny uses of English in Mexico? Please comment!

Saludos for now!