Dateline: Still hell, Still Smoky, Still Hot, Still Burning

This is a super-brief post to put up the video I referenced in the last post. If you haven’t yet read about the fire here, please check out the previous post, which has all the details about how we are situated, whether we’ll likely be evacuated, etc. For now, we are OK, but nervously waiting.

The below video was taken Thursday evening when the fire was still 24-something thousand acres. It’s now over 84,000 acres, likely larger since the information gets updated with a lag. And it’s only 5% contained, though in my book that means it’s still basically out-of-control.

By the way, I’m a YouTuber wannabe, so please, be brutally frank in your comments. Someday, if I ever get back to Mexico, I want to do more videos, and I’d like to do them well. By the way, this video starts on I-5 Northbound just north of Bechelli Lane/Churn Creek Road in Redding, CA

For now, saludos, and thanks for reading and watching.

Here’s a link to the fire map.

And here’s a link to the CalFire incident page.