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Dateline: At the intersection of synchronicity and good luck

Can we all just thank God for insomniac interior designers? Julio can’t sleep, and it’s been a boon for me.

About ten days ago, I kind of threw in the towel on my ability to pick flooring that would complement my 1930’s house and remain more-or-less period correct. Yeah, I could do it. But there are folks more talented than me out there, and I’m making a big investment. As I’ve alluded before, my friend, Julio, is an incredibly talented interior designer. Better yet, he’s as in love with Art Deco as I am. When I bought the house, I was hoping he’d give me a tip or two. And he did come by, tour the house, and provide some helpful suggestions. Secretly, I hoped he’d do more. But I didn’t want to press him either. After all, designing interiors is what he’s doing for a living, and no one likes a mooch.

So last week I just asked him if he could perhaps work on the project for me. Maybe design a bathroom for me, maybe help me decide exactly what to do about a surface for my ground floor. I’d of course pay him a reasonable fee. We had lunch last week and he said he’d love to work on the project.

Well, literally the next day, he sent me a text message. “Yesterday I was gripped by insomnia and I couldn’t stop thinking about your house project. I set myself to looking for a stove for you, and I found a divine one! It’s in perfect shape, and I’m excited! They already sent me photos; can I send them to you?

And you can see that what follows is PERFECT for a 1930’s kitchen. An O’Keefe & Merritt stove from exactly that era, in nearly perfect shape. I think there’s one small chip and that’s it. It looks like someone who always ate out bought that stove for the looks and then never used it.

Brownie points if you can spot the chip
Has the broiler ever been used?
There’s a touch of grime, and that’s it!

Yesterday we went to see the stove. The asking price was $18,000 (about $900 USD), but we negotiated it down to $15,000. I put down a $2,000 deposit. Best of all, delivery is free, and the store is happy to keep it as long as I need them to.

This is literally the stove of my dreams, and it turned up as soon as we asked for it.

The universe seems to be on my side.