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Dateline: At an undisclosed location outside San Miguel De Allende

After a long battle with an unresponsive commenting system, an email subscription system which simply gave up the ghost (site-wide on Blogger), and struggles with Discus, my friend and longtime fellow blogger, Alfredo Lanier finally said, “Enough!” And decided to move on to WordPress. At long last! For many years, I’ve thought that WordPress was a superior platform, and it would appear that the publishing world agrees. WordPress powers a number of major news sites, as well as myriad blogs, professional portfolio pages, real estate agent sites and many others.

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I invite you to visit Al’s new site here. Yup. After two weeks of secret planning at undisclosed locations, Jenn, he, and I have come up with a brand new blog for him, and it debuts today. He has also gone full professional, even buying his own site domain, http://www.elranchosantaclara.com. So remember, he’s put the “El” into El Rancho Santa Clara. Also, if you were subscribed before, you’ll have to subscribe again. So look for the “subscribe” button below his profile. And if you’re already a WordPress user, you can subscribe using the blue “subscribe” button and his posts will automatically show up in your WordPress reader.

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If you choose to comment, note that Al’s comment policy pretty much mirrors my own. The first comment by a user goes to moderation, then comments after that show up right away. Of course since it’s a new blog, everyone’s first comment will go to moderation. But fear not! With WordPress his comment section will become a place for more conversations, both with him and between readers.

The Real Rancho Santa Clara

And be sure to check out his first new post, A Very Mexican Sunday Afternoon, where Al & Stew go to see lucha libre and learn a lot of new and colorful Mexican obscenities.

Cheers and Saludos!