Dateline: A Dodgy Street in the Centro Histórico, Guadalajara

Sometimes you just stumble upon something which turns out to be hysterical. Such was the Google StreetView image I came across the other day.

I’m considering that I may end up living in Guadalajara. As you know, my mother’s circumstances have changed, and an assisted living facility in Ajijic would seem to solve a lot of problems. However, I’m very loath to just drop her off in Ajijic and then leave for Mexico City. After all, that wouldn’t be a nice thing to do, as she’ll need some connection to the familiar before she gets her bearings adjusted to an expat assisted-living life. And for me, living in Ajijic, which my CDMX landlord declared to be one of the most boring places in Mexico, is out of the question. Sorry if you love the place, but I need something bigger, and more truly Mexican.

So I’ve been browsing Guadalajara real estate via and And because I’m a guy who loves to be in the urban thick of things, I’ve been primarily browsing in the Zona Centro, a place that I’m already somewhat familiar with due to my spending a week there in 2014. And as you may have guessed, I’m not entirely averse to living in a gritty neighborhood if it’s in the thick of things, especially if I can find a fabulous space there.

While browsing the ads, I came across just such a place. Little did I know. The property advertised was basically a large lot with the decaying remains of a colonial building on it. It was advertised as being an ideal place to run a parking lot. I figured I might build a fabulous modern, but colonial-style house on it. So I decided to check it out via Google StreetView. What I found next door caused me to laugh out loud. Not only the activities being planned and the look of sheer boredom, but Super Mario looking on and the glimpse of the woman entering the hotel all combined to make this a surprisingly artful little slice of life, all caught randomly by a Google StreetView van.

Working it in Guadalajara Centro

I don’t have any objection to ladies of the late afternoon plying their wares, but I’m not sure I want to live literally next door. So I think I’ll pass. But I’m thankful that the internet allows such ease of property shopping from afar.

Oh, and the below was the object of my affections. Yes, in its current state it’s a dump. But one that has a lot of potential. If only it had different neighbors.

Guadalajara Fixer-Upper

But I think fixer-uppers are a bit like childbirth. After it’s all done, you forget how painful the process was. After renovating my house in Boston, I swore I’d never buy a fixer-upper again. So maybe I just need to swear off any and all such properties and go back to the penthouse fantasy. Also making major renovations on a masonry house is quite a different kettle of fish than working on a wooden house.



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