Mexico Resources

This page contains links to resources about Mexico or living abroad that I personally find interesting and useful. I hope you agree.  As this page is something of a work in progress, more entries will be added over time.  All links open in a new page.

News/Information Resources in English

Bloomberg Mexico Topic Page – News about Mexico in English with a financial and economics angle.

GeoMexico – The blog/website by the authors of the excellent book, Geo-Mexico: the geography and dynamics of modern Mexico, which I highly recommend.

Wola – Advocating for human rights in Latin America.

News/Information Resources in Spanish

El Economista – One of Mexico’s leading financial newspapers. I suspect this is linked to either The Economist or the Financial Times of London.

El Financiero – Another of Mexico’s leading financial newspapers, now in league with Bloomberg.

¡ Express Zacatecas – News about the City and State of Zacatecas

Google News Mexico – Like Google News in the USA, a feed from most of the principal papers of Mexico.

Real Estate

Lamudi — Self-proclaimed largest real estate portfolio. Operates in Mexico and Asia. They have lots of listings in CDMX. I’m less sure about the rest of the country.

MetrosCubicos — one of Mexico’s largest real estate sites. There are listings from all around the country here. — Another real estate site. This site also has a blog and information about selling prices, price trends, etc. A good resource for the Mexico Property hunter.

VIVAnuncios — Sales and rentals in Mexico City.


Mexican Peso Exchange Rate – from Yahoo Finance. Note that as the line on the chart goes up, the peso gets cheaper, e.g., you get more pesos per dollar exchanged.

TIAA Bank (Formerly Everbank) — A New York-based bank (now owned by TIAA/CREF) that is highly rated, and also offers foreign currency accounts with FDIC insurance. You can buy pesos (or some other currency) from them, hold them in an account and/or wire the pesos to a Mexican (or other) bank. This gives you a much better (cheaper) option than wiring USD to a Mexican bank or buying pesos from your US bank and then getting raped on the exchange rate. TIAA Bank can also receive a foreign-currency wire from another organization if you can get a better rate, perhaps via the below. I have an account with TIAA Bank, and hold pesos there. The process to wire pesos to a Mexican bank is very straightforward and as of spring 2022, costs about $35 USD per transfer. I saved substantial amounts of money on my Spring 2022 home purchase both in the commission they charged, as well as my ability to buy the entire peso amount at favorable rates well before my deal closed. – This is a London-based company/website that lets you shop around for foreign currency brokers. You enter the “from currency” (most likely USD) and the “To currency” (MXN or whatever) and they will provide you three indicative quotes of where you can get the best rates. According to the company’s website, “Beyond our strict vetting criteria, we won’t list a money transfer company we wouldn’t use ourselves. All are FCA regulated & operate segregated client accounts.” FCA is the UK Financial Conduct Authority. (Beyond a bit of poking around its site, note that I have done little due diligence on See this article in The Telegraph for details.)

Wise (Formerly TransferWise) – This is also a London-based financial services company which allows you to maintain deposit accounts in a wide variety of foreign currencies. One advantage they have over the others mentioned is that you can withdraw foreign currency that you already own via their ATM card. Which is to say that there is no foreign currency conversion when you withdraw; only when you fund the account.