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Dateline: West Ajijic

Ajijic Water Meter with UFO

For now, the electricians are done. Do I have a plumber? God only knows. A friend’s plumber stopped by on Tuesday to look at my house. He seemed interested in the job, as he should be. We aren’t talking mere leaky faucets, but re-plumbing an entire house with an apartment that might turn into as much as four units. Seems like an attractive job where he can work for days on end without running around town. Apparently he also thought it was a plus that I wanted to buy all the supplies myself. But I still haven’t heard from him, so who knows? Since no one in this country ever wants to say “no,” you’re always left wondering. So, for now, the house isn’t demanding my attention. And the last straw, so to speak, is the fact that Carlos’ family is in town this weekend, leaving him little time for me.

So Thursday night I decided to go to Ajijic and see my mother. I’m a little worried about what I might find. I haven’t spoken to her on the phone in a long time. The fact is that her ability to talk on the phone is declining notably in the last year. Hearing what I’m saying has been challenging for a while. But now she sometimes forgets why she even has a phone in her hand and will put it down mid-conversation. I can still hear voices in the background, including hers. But she’s no long on the phone with me. “Mom? Mom? Are you there? Mom??????” Sadly, that was the end of a number of our more recent conversations. Beginnings weren’t much better. “Hi mom, it’s Kim.”


“Yes, it’s Kim. How are you?”

“What? I can’t hear you.”

And so on. So I’ve kind of given up. I’m not proud of it, but what else can I really do? It’s also a rather sad fact that voice call quality peaked in the 1990s and has declined ever since. Back then, everyone had landlines with good cordless phones. You could actually hear what people were saying. Now? Call quality rivals that of the first coast-to-coast calls a hundred years ago. Technological progress I guess. In any case, it’s very hard for my mother to even hear me, and the network is partially to blame.

Later today I’ll go see my mother, after the surprising morning rain dries up. And after I’ve walked my friend’s dog, Chuy. Meanwhile I thought I’d post a few pictures of Lake Chapala.

My Friend Chuy
Barcos Al Atardecer
Yesterday evening as thunderstorm raged across the lake
Barcos, Plantas y Agua Verde
Chapala Malecón with the ever-present pelicans
Pier Review

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